Unique Guest Books

If you asked most brides “Where is the Guest book from your wedding?”  they either wouldn’t know or say that it is tucked away in a bin somewhere with things they thought they would look at again “someday”.  🙂

Wedding guest books are an important reminder of those who shared this very special day with you!  Rather than go with the traditional guest book that everyone signs (though, there is nothing wrong with this!), consider unique ideas such as these:

>Have guests sign a Guest Log, literally…they sign their names on a wood piece

>”You are loved” wooden sign that your guests sign, as a guest book

>Framed photo of the couple with a border that everyone signs with sentiments

>Corks!  Yes, your guests can sign corks and leave them in a large vase or bowl

>Jenga pieces!  Wait, jenga pieces?  Yep-guests sign ‘em for you to enjoy for years to come

Guest LOG   Wedding Guest Book   Jenga wedding

The best part? All of these wonderful options can then be displayed beautifully in the couple’s home, giving them lasting memories!

Other fun options are to have guests fill out a postcard with sentiments or date ideas – the couple can then read these together and enjoy on their 1st anniversary!  Aww 🙂

We could go on and on…..who would have thought there were so many fun ideas for guest books!  Hello, Pinterest!  See our page HERE for more fun ideas! nike air max damen nike air max damen

Rustic Charm

A popular trend in weddings is going with a rustic theme – whether you are having an outdoor or indoor wedding, many special touches can add the Rustic Charm!

Rustic details can make your wedding or reception Shabby Chic!

We are using this trend in many ways to feature this trend in our wedding planning:

~Placing the wedding reception food or desserts on cut out pieces of wood

~Using burlap, lace & baby’s breath in centerpieces and also on groomsmen’s lapel flowers

~Making directional signs out of wood slats or pallet pieces

~Stringing lights from the venue ceiling…or barn beams

~Incorporating barrels, jars, lanterns, wheelbarrows watering cans in to wedding decor

The list goes on and on!  Find more ideas HERE on our Pinterest page!

Rustic wedding   Rustic wedding 2   Rustic decor

Planning a themed wedding is fun and easy to do. Work in some of these suggestions and tips into your special day in order to create a memorable, rustic celebration. air max air max

Cupcake Wedding Cake!

Another trend that we find so sweet (pun intended!) is using cupcakes as your wedding cake.  This trend serves many purposes – one of the best is that it makes it so much easier to serve – guests can even serve themselves! It can also save on the amount of left overs!

Wedding cupcakes

A cupcake wedding cake is so romantic with the fresh flowers tucked into the cupcakes – making it picture perfect!  Great for an outdoor wedding with a spring feel or inside as well with a garden feel.  Other occasions too such as anniversary party, birthday bash, showers & graduations!

See more of this sweet treat trend for Weddings HERE

and for other occasions HERE

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From A to Z

You may have noticed the trend of using marquee letters to spell out your love at your wedding or special event!

We love this! (No pun intended!)  Such a beautiful way to personalize your wedding and add the WOW factor!

We are seeing this trend in weddings spelling out L O V E, I DO, or the couple’s initials – also used for identifying special areas at your wedding reception such as the Bar, Watering Hole, Food Bars, & so much more.

Marquee lighting LOVE

Marquee lighting Letters

These lovely light up letters make for spectacular photos too!  Added Bonus!

And many brides & grooms are using their letters in their home after the wedding, giving them lasting memories.

Many resources are available for buying these letters – and also many easy do-it-yourself options – see some ideas HERE air max damen air max damen

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Have you always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding with you walking down the aisle in a beautiful outdoor setting?

Meeting your prince at the end of the aisle surrounded by lush greenery, gorgeous flowers and birds chirping?

Photo credit to: Minnesota photographer Joanna Gail with Julia's House www.juliashouse.net
Photo credit to: Minnesota photographer Joanna Gail with Julia’s House

Having an outdoor wedding can definitely be a Dream Come True!

We have compiled a list of Tips that will help you plan the perfect outdoor wedding:

TENTS!  One of the first things you will want to look in to is renting a tent – there are a variety of sizes available – with or with out side panels and many offer wonderful lighting and dance floor options!

Lighting: Put camping lanterns under cocktail tables to provide glowing evening lighting!  Lighted tables

Offer Hydration:  Be sure that your guests have water to keep them comfortable

Bug Repellant: If this is an issue, you may want to have this handy for guests.

Give sunglasses as Wedding Favors – a memorable, usable treat for guests!

Wedding Program on a Fan – a great way to offer relief from the heat and details of your day, all in one!Wedding Program fan

Instead of chairs……throw blankets or quilts over hay bales for seating.
Provide blankets or throws for cooler evenings.

Heat It Up!  For cooler evenings you may need small heaters inside tents.  If possible, start a bon fire!
Cool Downs: Consider having fans blowing if needed – and have cool treats available with an ice cream cart!

Following these tips will ensure that you have the perfect fairy tale day!

Get more ideas & inspiration for Outdoor Weddings at our Pinterest Page! nike air max günstig nike air max günstig

Mix & Mingle

Cocktail table cakeCocktail tables serve as a beautiful display for your #weddingcake as well as being the perfect size table for guests to mingle at during the #reception.  

These small table have a big impact on the overall feel and flow of your wedding #reception.  Cocktail tables can be spread out throughout the reception area and more easily moved around when the dance party starts!

Add special touches to these tables such as linens & bow to match your color themes, candles & vases make beautiful centerpieces.  You can even place small plates of appetizers on each table for guests to enjoy.

Find some Inspiration HERE!Cocktail table decor

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It's All in the Details

Once your venue is secured and you are staring at your long list of details….the next step may be determining the items that you will need to rent. Will you need a tent for your dinner and/or reception outdoors, tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware & drinkware? Will you need serving dishes, drink dispensers, coffee urns?  Do you want to include some fun such as a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine or yard games?

When looking at a rental company, be sure to see how well maintained their items are.

Also important is their delivery and pick up policy. Be sure to coordinate this detail so its efficient for you and the wedding venue.  

The best rental companies will make this a breeze for you – choose carefully!  

Mason Jar Rentals

Enjoy the planning….Life is Short. PartyOn!

We vow to give you every thing you dream of on your special day.

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Fall In Love

Falling in LoveFall is in the air!  One of the most popular seasons to get married, Fall provides an array of gorgeous colors and natural elements to fall in love with! Add the crisp air and you have a perfect setting!

Here are 5 reasons to Fall in Love with an Autumn Wedding:

Cozy!  The crisp air provides a perfect excuse to get cozy!  Inside or outdoors, you Fall blanketscan have a fire going, to keep the romance burning!  If you are outdoors, you can also provide wraps or blankets for guests to warm up.  The bride can also wear a warm wrap.




Colors! The natural textures and colors of the season lend themselves to some incredible bouquets. Fall colors provide a beautiful palette to coordinate your decorations.

Fall wedding bouquetPopular Fall Wedding colors are:  Honey Gold, Burnt Orange, Bonfire, Chocolate & Burgundy – the names just get you drooling, don’t they?

Gorgeous décor!  Incorporate crunchy leaves, wood, votives, babys breath and beautiful branches and twigs to make lovely decorations.  Think rustic!  You can even use these items in boutonnieres and your bouquet!

Pumpkins!  The rich colors of pumpkins and gourds bring a luscious and rustic element to your wedding!  Larger pumpkins can be used as decoration through out your wedding & reception.  Smaller pumpkins work great for table cards and around food buffets or your cake table.

Fall pumpkin holders

The food! Think apple cider signature cocktails, a delicious soup course, and donuts for dessert.  Warm apple pie??  Mmmm!

Fall cider

Hungry for more?  We have compiled inspiring ideas for Fall Weddings on our Pinterest page HERE


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Top 10 Wedding Colors

2015 Top 10 Wedding ColorsLike most brides, you may already have your favorite colors picked out for your wedding…..or maybe not? Determining your wedding colors is important to help coordinate other details of your wedding. Need some inspiration? Here are ten hot and trendy color combinations for your wedding.

Pastel hues and bright shades of pink, blue and green are dominant, while some darker colors also show their charm.

Think of the possibilities!

Enjoy the planning….Life is Short. PartyOn!

We vow to give you every thing you dream of on your special day.

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The Buzz about Bars

Yes, the main purpose of the bar at your wedding is, of course, to deliver
delicious concoctions to your guests. However, it can be tricky to have a bar
that is interesting, entertaining and works with your budget.

Here are some tips to make your wedding bar interesting, fun, functional and affordable:
Bar picture 2
Use your bar as part of the décor.  A lot of times brides and grooms think of what will be served at the bar, but the design and décor of the bar gets overlooked.  A bar is a great place to display you and your partner’s
personalities and can be used to support your overall wedding theme.

Try to avoid bars set up near doors and try to move them to the rear of the room. Setting up bars near doors and near the front of the room creates bottlenecks. It is a fact that people tend to hang out near bars so having them located near where people enter can will definitely cause a
traffic jam that will flow right out the front door.  Putting bars in the
back of the room will draw your guests in and will allow them to see all of
the beautiful work that you have put into your wedding.

Have 1 bartender for every 50-75 guests and 1 bar for every 150 people.
OneBar picture 3 of the worst thing for a guest at a wedding is waiting. Waiting for food, waiting or speeches, waiting for drinks. While it is inevitable that there will be some waiting for guests at a wedding you can mitigate some of that by making sure that you have enough bars and bartenders. A generally good rule to follow is one bartender for every 75 guests and 1 bar for every 150 people…..so 200 guests at your wedding, try to have two bars with 3 bartenders.

Bar picture 1Signature drinks are a great way to save  money on your bar.
If you want to have a hosted bar at your wedding but don’t necessarily
have the budget for it, consider one or two signature drinks.
Having signature drinks will allow you to choose the cost of every drink
served and you and your partner can show your personality with fun or classic drink choices.


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