Seating Charts Success

If you are like most people, you have attended weddings in the past, picked up your name card, and found your table without ever really thinking about the work that goes into making a seating chart.Seating Chart 2

As a wedding planner, we have found the seating chart is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning—having clients both cry and fight with each other (and their families) over them.

Here we share some helpful tips for your making your seating chart planning tear-free!

Don’t Overthink it!

Don’t stress too much about seating all of your guests into the “most-perfect-groups-of-eight”.
While ideally everyone has someone at their table who they like, and no one is at a table with someone they can’t stand,—they will have hours to hang out with whoever they want.

Assign Tables – not SeatsSeating Chart 1

With assigned tables you only need name cards, or you can make things even easier, and display a seating chart (which is really just a big poster with a list of people’s names and table numbers on it).

Map It Out

Once you have your RSVPs and a good idea of who will be attending, you will want to map out your seating chart and expect to make changes.  A popular way to do this is simply getting poster board, drawing your tables and using small stickies with names on them to set up assigned tables with the ability to move them around easily.Seating chart map

There are also computer programs that make this easy to do!


Seating Chart no planAnother alternative is to scrap the seating plan all together and let your guests choose where they want to sit!  Be sure you have enough seats plus extra for your expected #s!

#1 RULE….enjoy this exercise together – remember, these are all people who mean something to you and are ultimately there to celebrate your Special Day! 

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