Unique Guest Books

If you asked most brides “Where is the Guest book from your wedding?”  they either wouldn’t know or say that it is tucked away in a bin somewhere with things they thought they would look at again “someday”.  🙂

Wedding guest books are an important reminder of those who shared this very special day with you!  Rather than go with the traditional guest book that everyone signs (though, there is nothing wrong with this!), consider unique ideas such as these:

>Have guests sign a Guest Log, literally…they sign their names on a wood piece

>”You are loved” wooden sign that your guests sign, as a guest book

>Framed photo of the couple with a border that everyone signs with sentiments

>Corks!  Yes, your guests can sign corks and leave them in a large vase or bowl

>Jenga pieces!  Wait, jenga pieces?  Yep-guests sign ‘em for you to enjoy for years to come

Guest LOG   Wedding Guest Book   Jenga wedding

The best part? All of these wonderful options can then be displayed beautifully in the couple’s home, giving them lasting memories!

Other fun options are to have guests fill out a postcard with sentiments or date ideas – the couple can then read these together and enjoy on their 1st anniversary!  Aww 🙂

We could go on and on…..who would have thought there were so many fun ideas for guest books!  Hello, Pinterest!  See our page HERE for more fun ideas! nike air max damen nike air max damen