It's All in the Details

Once your venue is secured and you are staring at your long list of details….the next step may be determining the items that you will need to rent. Will you need a tent for your dinner and/or reception outdoors, tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware & drinkware? Will you need serving dishes, drink dispensers, coffee urns?  Do you want to include some fun such as a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine or yard games?

When looking at a rental company, be sure to see how well maintained their items are.

Also important is their delivery and pick up policy. Be sure to coordinate this detail so its efficient for you and the wedding venue.  

The best rental companies will make this a breeze for you – choose carefully!  

Mason Jar Rentals

Enjoy the planning….Life is Short. PartyOn!

We vow to give you every thing you dream of on your special day.

Fall In Love

Falling in LoveFall is in the air!  One of the most popular seasons to get married, Fall provides an array of gorgeous colors and natural elements to fall in love with! Add the crisp air and you have a perfect setting!

Here are 5 reasons to Fall in Love with an Autumn Wedding:

Cozy!  The crisp air provides a perfect excuse to get cozy!  Inside or outdoors, you Fall blanketscan have a fire going, to keep the romance burning!  If you are outdoors, you can also provide wraps or blankets for guests to warm up.  The bride can also wear a warm wrap.




Colors! The natural textures and colors of the season lend themselves to some incredible bouquets. Fall colors provide a beautiful palette to coordinate your decorations.

Fall wedding bouquetPopular Fall Wedding colors are:  Honey Gold, Burnt Orange, Bonfire, Chocolate & Burgundy – the names just get you drooling, don’t they?

Gorgeous décor!  Incorporate crunchy leaves, wood, votives, babys breath and beautiful branches and twigs to make lovely decorations.  Think rustic!  You can even use these items in boutonnieres and your bouquet!

Pumpkins!  The rich colors of pumpkins and gourds bring a luscious and rustic element to your wedding!  Larger pumpkins can be used as decoration through out your wedding & reception.  Smaller pumpkins work great for table cards and around food buffets or your cake table.

Fall pumpkin holders

The food! Think apple cider signature cocktails, a delicious soup course, and donuts for dessert.  Warm apple pie??  Mmmm!

Fall cider

Hungry for more?  We have compiled inspiring ideas for Fall Weddings on our Pinterest page HERE



Top 10 Wedding Colors

2015 Top 10 Wedding ColorsLike most brides, you may already have your favorite colors picked out for your wedding…..or maybe not? Determining your wedding colors is important to help coordinate other details of your wedding. Need some inspiration? Here are ten hot and trendy color combinations for your wedding.

Pastel hues and bright shades of pink, blue and green are dominant, while some darker colors also show their charm.

Think of the possibilities!

Enjoy the planning….Life is Short. PartyOn!

We vow to give you every thing you dream of on your special day.

The Buzz about Bars

Yes, the main purpose of the bar at your wedding is, of course, to deliver
delicious concoctions to your guests. However, it can be tricky to have a bar
that is interesting, entertaining and works with your budget.

Here are some tips to make your wedding bar interesting, fun, functional and affordable:
Bar picture 2
Use your bar as part of the décor.  A lot of times brides and grooms think of what will be served at the bar, but the design and décor of the bar gets overlooked.  A bar is a great place to display you and your partner’s
personalities and can be used to support your overall wedding theme.

Try to avoid bars set up near doors and try to move them to the rear of the room. Setting up bars near doors and near the front of the room creates bottlenecks. It is a fact that people tend to hang out near bars so having them located near where people enter can will definitely cause a
traffic jam that will flow right out the front door.  Putting bars in the
back of the room will draw your guests in and will allow them to see all of
the beautiful work that you have put into your wedding.

Have 1 bartender for every 50-75 guests and 1 bar for every 150 people.
OneBar picture 3 of the worst thing for a guest at a wedding is waiting. Waiting for food, waiting or speeches, waiting for drinks. While it is inevitable that there will be some waiting for guests at a wedding you can mitigate some of that by making sure that you have enough bars and bartenders. A generally good rule to follow is one bartender for every 75 guests and 1 bar for every 150 people… 200 guests at your wedding, try to have two bars with 3 bartenders.

Bar picture 1Signature drinks are a great way to save  money on your bar.
If you want to have a hosted bar at your wedding but don’t necessarily
have the budget for it, consider one or two signature drinks.
Having signature drinks will allow you to choose the cost of every drink
served and you and your partner can show your personality with fun or classic drink choices.



Recycled Centerpieces

A big part of your Wedding Reception is the centerpieces!

After all, these become the center of attention and can pull together the colors and details of your wedding.

One popular trend leans towards using recycled materials as the base of your centerpieces, such as tin cans (think soup cans without the labels), antique tins, cans and bottle, jars of all kinds….even watering cans.

You may be thinking….wait a minute, you expect ME to use a soup can with the label peeled off as my Centerpieces…at MY wedding!??

It can be done and it looks spectacular – just look at these examples:

Centerpiece can   Centerpiece tin can   Centerpiece cans

If you have a sentimental piece, think about incorporating that in to your head table centerpiece.
It may be a family antique piece that could be the perfect item to complete your head table décor.  Centerpiece head table

Add flowers (real or silk)  in your wedding colors or baby’s breath and you have lovely centerpieces!

One of the best parts is that you can recycle these materials or incorporate them later in your home together.

Another thought is to give each centerpiece to special guests – or your bridal party –
as a lovely remembrance of your wedding day that can be cherished for many years!

Take a look at more ideas using these items at our Pinterest page!

We would love for you to share photos of your centerpieces using these items & ideas!

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Eat, Drink & Be Married

The vows are said, sealed with a Kiss…..Now, on to the Fun!  The Reception!Eat Drink Be Married

There are so many pieces & parts to planning your wedding reception.  One of the most important being the food and drink, after all, Life is a Party!

Your friends & family want to toast you, so here are a few tips for a tasty cocktail hour:

Cocktail hours typically include hors d’ oeuvres, drinks, and some form of entertainment to Eat, Drink & Be Merry (Married!)

Eat!Cocktail served
When the cocktail hour starts, guests are hungry!  Be sure to have food ready to serve or eat when guests start to trickle in.  Effective ways to do that:

>Hand pass appetizers, rather than setting them out for guests to serve themselves. Caterers say guests consume 40 percent fewer pieces this way.

>Serve mini sandwiches or kabobs – easy to eat food that won’t leave a mess or leftovers!

>Bars – in addition to the drinking bars, have food bars with nuts, pretzels, & sweets for grab & go! Be sure to have scoops in the containers and small cups for easy eating!




Your cocktail hour is a great point in your wedding to get the party started early with lots of style, personal touches and tasty treats.  Whether your wedding is fun and rustic, or elegant and sophisticated, you can apply some of the style from your day to the drinks.
Cocktail drinks dispenserDrink Dispensers add charm to your cocktail party and can serve a variety of drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, or water.

Feature your very favorite cocktails and serve them up in jam jars, milk bottles or martini glasses with special surprises such as umbrellas, decorative straws or stir sticks….or rock candy (just wait until you try it!)

Cocktail flower cubesAmaze your guests with beautiful edible flower ice cubes that will make any beverage stand out.

Some of our favorite cocktails –

>Fill martini glasses with pink cotton candy in advance thenCocktail
pour champagne or sparkling wine over it when your guests arrive.  Sweet & Delicious!!


>Mimosas with a twist!  Who needs OJ – Just pour champagne over orange sherbet!

>Signature Drink!  Choose a drink or make one up, that is meaningful to both bride & groom and enjoy!  Cheers!

Be Merry!

Cocktail musicThere are various types of entertainment available including music and out of the ordinary activities.  Music is always a welcome form of entertainment at any event.  It gets your guests moving & grooving!  Single musicians such as guitarists, violinists, pianists, harpists are wonderful choices for your cocktail hour.

And remember this…….

Cocktail SIGN

Find more ideas for cocktail parties over on our Pinterest page




Budget Busters

One of the most dreaded aspects of the wedding planning process for couples is the development of a budget. However, knowing what you can afford right from the start will make the planning process more enjoyable and can help alleviate a lot of stress.

Despite having a budget, many couples can easily fall off track when they
come upon the following unexpected yet common “budget busters”.Budget buster

A Growing Guest List– Many weddings today can easily approach $100 per guest. Stretching to the nether regions of the family tree to invite guests can easily bust a couple’s budget right from the start.

Develop a guest list right away and get an idea of how many guests you can afford. There is also nothing wrong with having a “B” list of guest to invite when your guests on your primary list decline.

The Dress– You may be thinking that simply purchasing a dress within your allotted dress budget will take care of the budget busting issue, but sadly you may be mistaken. Many brides are shocked at the hidden cost of the dress including alterations, accessories, the veil and perhaps shipping and steaming.

When looking for a dress consider all of these costs and do not be afraid to ask the sales person about what other costs can be expected. Everyone understands that most brides are on a budget and will be straight forward with you about hidden costs.

Gratuities– Do not forget that often times prices for vendors do not include gratuities. Hairdressers, barbers, make-up artist, limo drivers, nail technicians and bartenders are all people that you can expect to tip for their services, 18 percent is the standard rate for good service.

Postage– Due to the variety of wedding invitations to choose from standard postage may be an option for you but can still add up. Some invitations however will require additional postage due to weight size or shape and can cost upward of $1 per invitation to mail. When considering invitations make sure to get samples and take them to your local post office to have them see what postage will cost. Also remember that if you are sending RSVP’s it is expected that you include a stamp for your guest to mail them back.

Wedding Fund


Consider consulting a professional that can help you develop your budget and give you some money saving tips.

Remember when creating your budget that you cannot anticipate all hidden costs but you should give yourself some flexibility to make your budget work for you and your partner.

Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

Freight House Wedding

He finally popped the question so now the planning begins! Most brides-to-be love to get a head start on their planning with the multitude of details that go in to wedding planning.  Some items on your checklist do require early planning, such as picking the venue for your ceremony and reception and reserving it!  

Be sure you have a good idea of your guest list numbers and any special needs to narrow down the venues that will accommodate your size.

Once you have your date and venue booked, you can dig in to all the details! A great place to start is searching Pinterest (TIP: you may want to set a timer, you could be on Pinterest all day!)

Before you get overwhelmed, consider consulting with a wedding planner that can help you gather your ideas and organize them and create a Wedding Checklistto stay on track…and on budget!  

Enjoy the planning….Life is Short. PartyOn!

We vow to give you every thing you dream of on your special day.

The Fuss about Flowers

So what’s the big fuss about flowers? Why are they so expensive; and what do they really add to your wedding?
The average bride today will spend about 8 to 10 percent of their overall wedding budget on flowers and that will include everything from corsages and boutonnieres to the bouquets and reception. So are having great flowers at your wedding worth such a big expense??? Maybe…

Flowers are a great way to incorporate color into your wedding they can spice up what could otherwise be a drab venue. Lots of venues can be pretty plain with white walls, white linens, white plates…the list could go on; flowers are a romantic and useful way to incorporate bold colors into your big day.Wedding flowersFlowers also add some texture to your wedding, flowers as you know come in all shapes and sizes and can add interest to centerpieces, food presentations and cakes.

If you are not prepared to spend such a big chunk of your budget on flowers; which will more than likely be thrown out at the end of the night, consider these money saving tips:

> “The Real Feel” consider using real flowers only in areas that are close enough to guests that they could actually reach out and touch them. For example altar flowers will more than likely not be within reach of the guest so opt for artificial flowers. Also if any flowers are being submerged in water, try to use artificial flowers there. Tip: before submerging artificial flowers in water check for color fastness of the petals)

> “The Substitution” just as with most things you purchase, there are definitely more expensive flowers and less expensive flowers, when contemplating bouquets and centerpieces consider using less expensive flowers that have the same shape and feel as a more expensive bloom. Ranunculus and Double Bloom Tulips are great substitutions for Peony’s which are always beautiful in bouquets but can get quite pricey.

> “The Flowerless” while flowers are popular wedding choices, they are definitely not the only options for brides, mosses, grass, branches, feathers and succulents can be a great way to add color and texture while minimizing your use of flowers, or completely forgoing blossoms all together.

> “The Season” make sure you are purchasing flowers that are in season in the area which your wedding willWedding flowers 2 be taking place. Don’t get your heart set on bouquet of tulips for a December wedding, it will cost ya!!!

> “The Local Market” for late spring, summer and fall weddings, make sure to check out your local farmers market to see what they have in stock. Often you can buy beautiful bouquets of brightly colored flowers for $5 to $7 dollars a bunch. These flowers often look great at outdoor weddings where there is already a variety of plants surrounding the festivities. Tip: if you plan to purchase flowers from a farmers market, make sure to stop in and chat with the seller first, make sure they plan to be there the week of your wedding and ask them if they would set aside a certain number of bouquets for you: if you are purchasing enough, they may also cut you a deal!

Brides today are always thinking outside the box and there are tons of creative ways to save money on flowers and still get the wedding of your dreams.

Seating Charts Success

If you are like most people, you have attended weddings in the past, picked up your name card, and found your table without ever really thinking about the work that goes into making a seating chart.Seating Chart 2

As a wedding planner, we have found the seating chart is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning—having clients both cry and fight with each other (and their families) over them.

Here we share some helpful tips for your making your seating chart planning tear-free!

Don’t Overthink it!

Don’t stress too much about seating all of your guests into the “most-perfect-groups-of-eight”.
While ideally everyone has someone at their table who they like, and no one is at a table with someone they can’t stand,—they will have hours to hang out with whoever they want.

Assign Tables – not SeatsSeating Chart 1

With assigned tables you only need name cards, or you can make things even easier, and display a seating chart (which is really just a big poster with a list of people’s names and table numbers on it).

Map It Out

Once you have your RSVPs and a good idea of who will be attending, you will want to map out your seating chart and expect to make changes.  A popular way to do this is simply getting poster board, drawing your tables and using small stickies with names on them to set up assigned tables with the ability to move them around easily.Seating chart map

There are also computer programs that make this easy to do!


Seating Chart no planAnother alternative is to scrap the seating plan all together and let your guests choose where they want to sit!  Be sure you have enough seats plus extra for your expected #s!

#1 RULE….enjoy this exercise together – remember, these are all people who mean something to you and are ultimately there to celebrate your Special Day! 

Life is Short.PartyOn!